How to read the Bible

Learn the skills for how to understand what the Word of God says.

An Introduction

One of the key skills of being a follower of Jesus is learning how to read and understand the Word of God without having to depend on secondary sources to tell you what it means. These videos will teach you the basic skills for how to interpret the Bible for yourself.
The videos are designed to be done with your family or group, but can be done alone if needed.

What you’ll Need

A Bible
A note pad
The Holy Spirit to guide you


Each video runs about 14-18 minutes but you should dedicate about an hour to be able to do the work.

Lesson 1 – The Correct Meaning

How many ways are there to interpret the Bible? Who decides what the correct interpretation is?

Lesson 2 – Primary vs Secondary Audience pt.1

None of us approach the Bible with a blank slate. We bring baggage. Learn how to separate ourselves from our baggage and understand the Bible in the proper context.

Lesson 3 – Primary vs Secondary Audience pt.2

The danger of inserting ourselves INTO the scripture. Learning how the scripture applies to the original audience will show us it applies to us.

More lessons coming soon!


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