Family Service (elementary-aged kids only) happens every 5th Sunday in a month. Use this as an opportunity to lead your elementary-aged child in a Bible study during the week to prepare for the upcoming sermon that will be preached on March 31st. We’ve made it super easy for you and even included the answers to the questions!

We believe in you and know you can do this.

Do what you feel is best for your family. If you feel like answering all the questions is the right fit for your family, then go for it! If you feel like it would be best to go over only half the questions, that’s totally okay too!

The goal is not perfection. The goal is progress. 

We’ve created a Family Bible Study specifically for John 9:1-41, which is the sermon that will be preached on March 31st.

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Additional Resources

Watch what happens when the blind man finally sees.


Drawing Blind Activity

Give your child a blank piece of paper and a writing instrument. You will tell them what to draw, but they have to do it with their eyes closed or with a blindfold on.
  • Draw a sun in the top right corner
  • Draw grass at the bottom of the page
  • Draw a house in the center of the page
  • Put a chimney on the roof of the house
  • Draw 5 flowers in the grass
  • Draw 3 clouds in the sky
  • Draw 4 birds in the sky

Another way to do this would be to give them white paper plates, have them put the plates on their head, and then draw on the plates. When they are done, discuss what it was like to do something without being able to see. 


Was it easy or was it hard? What implication does this have for our life when we are spiritually blind?

When we are blind we cannot see things how they really are and the consequence is a distorted picture of reality. When we are spiritually blind we do not see that Jesus came to take us away from the darkness.

The Bible tells us that this world is filled with darkness. And because it is filled with darkness it can be a very dangerous place. But Jesus tells us that He is the light of the world. God’s word says that men loved darkness because of their evil deeds. But God’s love is very great for man. He loved the world so much that He sent Jesus. Jesus is God who has come in human flesh. He was able to show us who God is and what He is like. His purpose was to be a beacon, a bright shining light for us. We need the light of God in the world. We need a beacon to show us where to walk when we are in darkness.