General COVID Guidelines for Cornerstone Miami 

As we prepare for our Family Homecoming, please remember to take a deep breath, have fun, and remember, the goal is to worship God. This homecoming will feel a little different and that’s ok. In light of that, we are asking that we think and act as a family and do what’s best for the family. 

Here are some family guidelines that we are asking everyone to participate in:


1.         BYOM! (Bring your own mask) Masks will be required for everyone. If you forget, a mask will be provided for you at the entryway. 

2.        We knew you were coming, so hand sanitizing stations will be spaced around the building for your use.

3.         Please respect each other’s personal space as we want to honor each other and care for the most vulnerable.  

4.        If you’re not feeling well, please worship from home. Remember, Cornerstone Miami Online is still the safest way to gather and minimize your exposure to COVID-19.

FAQ’s about Homecoming at Cornerstone Miami 


Q: How many services will we have, and at what time?
A: We will have 1 service at 11AM.

Q: Will there be children’s ministry on Sunday mornings?
A: At this time, we will not be offering kids ministry.

Q: When will the children’s ministry reopen?
A: We are working hard to determine an opening date for our full children’s ministry, but for the safety of our volunteers, kids, and families, we do not want to rush into reopening. We appreciate your patience and can’t wait to see you in person again soon!

Q: Can I bring my kids into the service with me since Kids ministry will not be open yet?
A: Yes! Kids are welcome to join the whole family in the auditorium.

Q: I’m nervous about attending a family service with my kids. Do you have any ideas for helping my kids sit through the service?
A: Yes! We’ll be providing Packs for kids to help them engage in the family service. Children can pick up these pre-packed kits in the lobby. We’re also working to make our services family-friendly to help make our youngest members feel welcome and included. An overflow space will be available for diaper changes for kids that need some space to run around for a moment.

Q: Does my child need to wear a mask?
A: We ask that children over 2 years old wear a mask (per CDC guidelines) while walking into and out of the children’s area. Once seated, children may remove their masks since they will be sitting 6 ft apart.

Q: Will online worship continue? 
A: Yes, we will still provide worship online via Facebook and YouTube at 11AM on Sundays.

Q: Will there be a greeting time during the service? 
A: As much as we’d like to shake your hand or give you a hug, we’ll be removing the greeting time in order to help us practice physical distancing and keep everyone safe.

Q: Should I wear a mask to church?
A: We encourage everyone to wear masks, and we will have masks available at the doors if you need one.

Q: How will seating work? 
A: We’ve removed every other row of chairs and have spaced all rows at least 5 feet from each other to maintain physical distancing.

Q: How do I volunteer? 
A: If you’d like to volunteer in any capacity, please contact Dave at

Q: Will you be collecting offering? 
A: We will not be passing offering baskets, but we will have a basket available in the auditorium or you can give online at

Q: Should I come if I have medical concerns? 
A: We encourage all vulnerable populations to continue to worship with us online.

Q: Will there be coffee and bagels? 
A: We will not have coffee or food items, so be sure to eat breakfast and fill up your coffee cup before you arrive.

Q: Can we hang out and fellowship before and after the services? 
A: We ask that all fellowship happen outside the building, so we have time and space between all persons that observe social distancing guidelines.

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