About Us

Cornerstone Miami Church

Our church began as a small group of Christ loving people led by Pastor Dave Lopez and Alex Fagundo meeting in Alex’s living room in June of 2016. In a few short months during the summer of 2016, the church outgrew the home setting and we moved our services to the nearby location of Florida Christian School which affords us the ability to have separate space for worship, children areas and growth potential. The church officially launched in September of 2016 at FCS.

Our church is growing but it is and will always be intimate. People are not counted as numbers but as relationships. It is our desire to grow together as a family in Christ. God’s desire for us is to love one another, help each other carry our burdens and to challenge each other to grow closer to Jesus.

At Cornerstone Miami, you will find Bible teaching that is relevant, powerful and authentic to what God’s Word says. Messages are prepared to help people grow in their knowledge of God and to apply what God says to their every day lives.

“Teaching People to Trust and Obey Jesus in Every Aspect of Life”

Our Leadership Team

Our church is led by a bi-vocational leadership team of men and women who live in the real world, work in the real world yet serve God’s people by a desire to see lives transformed.

Dave Lopez – Lead Pastor

Dave and his wife Adriana, are deeply in love with Christ, with each other and with their two children, David and Isabella. They have lived and worked in various ministry roles in Miami since 1998 and feel a strong calling from the Lord to plant a new church in this city.

Together they have had the opportunity to start new ministries and develop expertise in working with children, leading young adults, small groups , family ministries and leadership development.

Dave’s pastoral leadership including, preaching, strategy, staff and volunteer leadership, has resulted in the success of ministries large and small. He has served in the non-profit world in areas such as program supervision, grant management, fund development, case work and research.

Dave has a background in sociology and anthropology. He is currently working on finishing his Ed.D. in intercultural studies with an emphasis on the variety Hispanic cultures found in Miami. Adriana is a school teacher and has taught in both the public and private sectors.

Alex Fagundo – Executive Director

Alex and Shaleen have been blessed with 3 amazing kids, Caleb, Grace and Phoebe. They are passionate about discipleship and teaching others to love the Bible. Over the years they have been dedicated to mentoring young families through discipleship, family groups and Bible study. They own a private preschool serving a low income community.

Alex came to Christ 12 years ago as an adult. Hungry for scripture, he quickly absorbed as much of the Bible, theology books and apologetics as he could get his hands on. In ministry, he has served as a small groups director, has co-led ministries, led volunteer teams and developed discipleship strategies.

In the private sector, Alex is responsible for the financial and administrative success of their business, which has given him hands on expertise in business management and administration.

Shaleen’s professional background is in public health with a specialty in strategic planning, maternal, child health and development. She loves using these skills to bring high quality early education to the children at their preschool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service in English or Spanish?

We only offer English services at this time. We originally launched with simultaneous English and Spanish teaching, but decided to do all English to better serve the needs of the congregation.

What type of Christian church are you?

We are Southern Baptist church. Our beliefs closely match those of the Baptist Faith & Message.

How should I dress for Sunday service?

Our pastors normally dress in jeans and button up shirt.  Our congregation is a mix of all generations and all clothing styles.  Some people choose to come in shorts and flip flops and others in blazers and ties.  Its up to you.

Sunday Service Location

10301 SW 72nd Street, Miami, FL 33173


Service Time

Sundays, 11:00 AM

Contact Us

Write: 8724 Sunset Dr. #151, Miami, FL 33173

Call: (305) 773-6148

Email: info@cm.church

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Cornerstone Miami Church

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