FOR PERFECT PEOPLE ONLY. Have you ever felt that way about church? So, what do we do when we realize that there’s no such thing? Do you just leave or quit? Or do you look for God’s response to hard moments?

The city of Corinth in many ways resembles Miami. Diversity, business, traffic, industry, corruption, sports and Politics. Corinth, just like Miami was a booming town. There was inspiration and temptation. For the church at Corinth, many had flatlined spiritually. They were immature in the faith. The name of Christ in that city was being dishonored and some within the church were at odds with each other; the church stood divided.

People were being people. It was real and raw. The places was imperfect. Maybe you’ve been a part of a place like that. So what do we do when church hurts? The Apostle Paul writes to Corinth with instructions about what to do. This letter isn’t just for them, it’s for us in Miami today. Join us for the Immature series as we all seek to grow into maturity, healing, & unity, together.

Our Mission: Teaching People to Trust and Obey Jesus in Every Aspect of Life
Cornerstone Miami is a church dedicated to helping people grow closer to Christ through teaching the Bible, empowering families, building relationships and loving our community of Westchester, Miami.  We believe that the Gospel has the power to change lives, heal marriages and transform culture.  Our church exists as an expression of that vision and we invite you to come visit our family.
About Us
Led by Pastor Dave Lopez, our church is challenged to live out our faith in Miami and in our families.  At our church you will find an intimate environment of friendly people who love Christ and are seeking to know more about Him.  Our worship style is contemporary and uplifting, sometimes using a full band while at other times a more reflective acoustic set.  We teach the Bible because it’s God’s Word and it is our desire to explain it in a way that is accurate to the context of scripture yet applicable to our every day lives.
Family Groups
God uses relationships with other Christ followers to help build and shape us.  We were not designed to grow alone, but together.  Family Groups meet at different times of the week and at different places in Miami near our church.  This is a dedicated time of Bible study, encouragement, prayer and friendship that we all need to help us in our daily journey to grow closer to God.  We encourage everyone in our church to be connected to a Family Group.

Sunday Service Location

10301 SW 72nd Street, Miami, FL 33173


Service Time

Sundays, 11:00 AM

Contact Us

Write: 8724 Sunset Dr. #151, Miami, FL 33173

Call: (305) 773-6148


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Cornerstone Miami Church

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